vietnamm 2006

VietNam 2006 

6th Rencontres du Vietnam  
August 6-12, 2006

Nanophysics: from fundamentals to applications



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Information Bulletin 

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July 20th., 2006)


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The Rencontres du Vietnam began with a meeting in Hanoi on Particle Physics and Astrophysics in December 1993; a second one was held in Saigon in October 1995. The third Rencontres du Vietnam, devoted to Condensed Matter Physics was held in Hanoi in January 1999. The fourth Rencontres du Vietnam, entitled Physics at Extreme Energies, was also held in Hanoi in July 2000. Lately astrophysicists and particle physicists gathered in August 2004 for the fifth Rencontres focused on New Views in Particle Physics and New Views on the Universe.

The aim of the Rencontres has been to extend the successful international collaboration of Europe, Russia, Japan and the United States in these rapidly evolving fields to the emerging Pacific rim countries. The number of countries represented and the presence of leading scientists has emphasised the importance which the international community places on scientific links with Vietnam. As a natural continuation of this series, two parallel conferences, one on nanophysics and the other on astroparticle physics, will be organised in 2006.

 Scientific Program Committee
C. Bauerle (Grenoble),  P. Dollfus (Orsay), G. Faini (Marcoussis), D. Feinberg (Grenoble), D.C. Glattli (Paris),
D. Mailly (Marcoussis), G. Montambaux (Orsay), Nguyen Van Lien (Hanoi), Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Hanoi), B. Plaçais (Paris), P. Roche (Saclay), M. Sanquer (Grenoble), T. Martin (Marseille)

Local Committee
Nguyen Van Hieu, Nguyen Ai Viet, Nguyen, Gia Lâp, Nguyen Huu Duc, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Nguyen Van Lien and Phan Hong Khoi   

Conference secretary

Mrs Elizabeth Hautefeuille,
Rencontres du Vietnam, BP33
104, avenue du Général Leclerc
Phone : (33) 1 69 29 05 50
Fax :     (33) 1 69 28 86 59
E-mail :

I. Place and dates

The sixth Rencontres du Vietnam will be held in Hanoi from Sunday August 6th to Saturday August 12th, 2006. It will consist of two parallel conferences held at the same location:

  • Nanophysics: from fundamental to applications
  • Challenges in particle astrophysics

Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, has many universities and research institutes in physics.

II. Purpose of the conference

The conference will be devoted to fundamental and applied topics in nanophysics and nanoelectronicss from both experimental and theoretical points of view. The aim of the conference is to strengthen the links between Vietnamese physicists and their colleagues from around the world, and in particular from South-East Asia and the Western countries

III. Scientific organisation

The conference is organised jointly by:

  • The Rencontres du Vietnam
  • The Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Technology.

IV. Sponsors

Sponsorship has been requested from:

  • The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France
  • The French National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, France
  • The French Atomic Energy Commission, Paris, France
  • The Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Technology, Vietnam
  • The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul, Korea
  • The National Science Foundation, Washington, USA
  • The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics,Trieste, Italy

V. Scientific program

The scientific program will consist mainly of reviews and invited talks. Parallel and poster sessions will be set up as the need arises; the relevant details may be found on each conference's site. Very schematically, the two conferences will be articulated around a number of key themes (details may be found on other pages on this site):

  • Quantum Information, 
  • Quantum Detection and Noise 
  • Quantum Dots and Wires, 
  • Spintronics and Hybrid Structures
  • Molecular Electronics, 
  • NEMS and Nanodevices, 
  • Quantum Hall effect.

VI. Conference schedule

Registration will start on Sunday August 6th in the afternoon. The opening session is scheduled to take place on Monday August 7th at 8:30 and the conference will end on Saturday August 12th, at 12:00.

Session hours are: 8:30 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 17:00

VII. Conference facilities and proceedings

The following equipment will be available: a slide projector for 5cm x 5cm slides, an overhead projector and a video projector for computer presentations.

The papers presented at the conference will be published in the form of a proceedings volume. Participants will receive a copy without farther charge. 

VIII. Practical organization

Electronic mail

Internet access will be available at the conference site. In particular, we anticipate that a wireless hub will be installed.


On-line registration is now available on this site. We would be obliged if you could fill in and return the registration form as soon as possible. Since the conference will be held during the tourist season room reservation can only be guaranteed if your registration form has reached the conference secretariat by June 30th, 2006.

Conference fees

The conference fee for participants will be 350 US$ or 320 euros. This includes the cost of your copy of the proceedings and the cost of all social events. Payment can be made either by interbank transfer (preferred method) or by cash at the conference site; we regret that credit card payment will not be possible for the conference fee. Depending on whether you are sending the fee in euros or in dollars, you should transfer the fee to one of the following two banks (please remember to add 25 € or 30 $ to cover the bank fees):

For the accompanying persons, the conference fee is 100 US$ or 90 €. It covers the social program as indicated further.

If paying in euros (please add 25 € for bank fees)   

CREDIT LYONNAIS, 5 Rue Alphonse Pécard
91 190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France     
Bank Code : 30002, Branch : 08968      
Account number : 0000079171H Key : 45
IBAN : FR12 3000 2089 6800 0007 9171 H45

If paying in US dollars (please add 30 US$ for bank fees)

Crédit Lyonnais Vietnam
10 Trang Thi Street
Hanoi, Vietnam
Account number: 0040073-2150-000-USD - Rencontres du Vietnam

Swift code CRLYVNVX

The transfer should indicate clearly your name to identify the payee. Please inform the conference secretariat by fax or email that the transfer has been done. You should obtain proof of payment, and hand it to the conference secretariat at the conference site. It will take at least 6 weeks for our account to be credited, so please have the transfer made before June 15, 2006.

Social Program

All the participants and their families are invited to the following events:

  • a guided tour of Hanoi
  • followed by a visit to the Hanoi Water Puppet show (water puppets are a Vietnamese speciality).
  • The Hanoi Opera
  • The conference banquet, which is scheduled for Thursday, 10th August.

In the case of conference participants, the cost of these events is included in their registration fee.

Note however that , that accompanying persons will be asked to pay 100$ or 90Euros for the package of these 4 events.


The conference will be held in a five star hotel in Hanoi.

In order to enhance interaction and exchange between participants, we will endeavour to lodge most participants in this hotel; however, due to limited room availability, some participants will be lodged in neighbouring four star hotels, within a short (1km) taxi ride of the conference hotel. Taxis in Hanoi are very cheap and easily available.

Nevertheless, all meals will be taken together in neighbouring restaurants (for lunches) or in central town (for dinners).

The cost per person (full board for 6 days) will amount to

-         420 US$ for a double room and 630 US$ for a single room in a 5 ***** hotel and

-         360 US$ for a double room and 510 US$ for a single room in a 4 **** hotel.

Payment for the board and lodging should be done at your arrival directly to the travel agency either by cash, travellers' checks or credit card (the latter will incur a small supplement).

Important note: Hotel reservations are made for the whole duration of the meeting, i.e. from Sun 6h August afternoon to Saturday 12th August morning (lunch included). Please note that the total cost of the meeting cannot be reduced even in case of partial attendance.

If you intend to arrive before August 6th and leave after August 12th, please let us know in advance, so that we can try to make the appropriate hotel reservation for you.

Please note also that if you arrive before midday, and wish your room to be made available immediately, you will be charged for an extra day; you must inform us, so that the hotel can prepare your room in advance.

IX. Financial support

Some limited accommodation funds may be available for young scientists from developing countries and from Eastern European countries. An application form for financial support is now available on this site; you should send it, together with a resume and a letter of recommendation, to:

J. Tran Thanh Van: e-mail:

Rencontres du Vietnam, Université de Paris-Sud, Bât 210, 91405 Orsay Cedex, France

X. Travel

The international airport of Hanoi is Noi Bai. Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday, August 6th. A member of the local committee will meet you on arrival at the airport. Travel agencies which are specialize in travel to Vietnam offers the following range of prices for return flights to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh Citry (HCM)

·         Paris-Hanoi-Paris or Paris-Hanoi and HCM-Paris : from 1000 euros to 1 400 euros

·         USA-Hanoi-USA: from US$ 1 100 to US$ 1 500

For return flights to Paris a special price has been negociated with Vietnam Airlines  for conference participants, valid from July 12 to August 30.

If interested, please contact :
Ms Diem at :


9 rue de la paix 75002  PARIS - FRANCE

Phone. or 90

Another useful address for flights from France to Vietnam on other carriers is:

Mme. Vasseau,
Mekong Evasion
11 Rue de Marseille
69007 Lyon  France
Tel : 04 78 61 98 60;    Fax : 04 72 76 21 13 ;

For US participants :

Examples of price ranges for return flights from New York and Los Angeles:
New YorkHanoiNew York : 1200 – 1300 USD
Los AngelesHanoiLos Angeles : 1100-1200 USD

If interested, please contact  for confirmation of the price:
6795 Wilson blvd suite 46
falls church, va 22044
TEL: 703-538-2214, FAX: 703-538-2216

Important note: Flights to Asia are very crowded at the time of the conference. Please make your travel agency without delay for reservations.

XI. Immigration

A visa is required to visit Vietnam. A visa application form is available for the conferences - for administrative reasons it is convenient to have a separate form for each conference. You should enter the site for each conference to find the link to the corresponding form. You should send it as soon as possible. This will allow the local committee to take care of your visa application and send you a personal letter with which you will be able to obtain a visa at the Diplomatic Representation of Vietnam in your country.

Please note that persons accompanying participants also require a visa, and therefore should also fill in the visa application form.
Visa formalities must be completed by July 1st, 2006.

XII. Pre or Post-conference tours

One pre conference and three post conference tours are proposed below; details (including some photographs taken on previous tours) can be found by clicking on the relevant tour. 

Note that all the Tours (1, 2, 3,and 4) will be organized independantly of the number of participants. 

If you are interested in participating in any of these tours, please fill in the online tour registration form.

For certain parts of these tours, you are advised to bring a decent pair of walking shoes!

  • Tour 1: Hanoi - Halong Bay - Hanoi from Saturday August 12th (14h00) to Monday August 14th morning. Price with full pension: 130 US$ (sharing room) and 180 US$ (single room). This price includes : Accomodation full board, air conditioned vehicule, boat trip, english speaking guide and entrance fees.
  • Tour 2: Hanoi –Vinh - Phong Nha - Hue - Da nang - Hoi An - Nha Trang - Dalat - Ho Chi Minh City from Monday August 14th morning to Thursday August 24th morning. Price with full pension: 850 US$ (sharing room) and 1 150 US$ (single room). This price includes : Accomodation full board, air conditioned vehicule, boat trip, english speaking guide and entrance fees.
  • Tour 3: Hanoi - Halong Bay - Sapa - Hanoi from Saturday, August 12th (14h00) to Friday August 18th morning. Approximate cost with full pension: 500 US$ (sharing room) and 680 US$ (single room). This price includes : Accomodation full board, air conditioned vehicule, boat trip, english speaking guide and entrance fees.
  • Tour 4: Hanoi - Hoa Lu Tam Coc - Hanoi (Inland Ha Long Bay" day trip) : Sunday August 6. Price 30 US$

    Note that Tour 1 and Tour 2 are compatible, i.e. Tour 2 will not leave until Tour 1 has returned!

    Detailed description of Tours 1, 2, 3 and 4 are given below; click the thumbnail pictures to see larger versions.

    Tour 1: Ha Long: 12-14 August (2 days )
    Aug. 12
    13: 30 Departure for Halong
    16:30 Check in at Hotel in Halong
    18:30 Dinner at hotel
    Aug. 13

    8: 00 Breakfast
    8: 30 Boat trip to visit Halong Bay
    12: 30 Seafood lunch on boat
    14: 30 Return to hotel
    15: 00 Return to Hanoi.
    19: 00 Check in at Hotel in Hanoi
    Aug 14
    End of the tour

    Note : This tour is compatible with Tour 2

    A view of Ha Long Bay

    Tour 2 : Ha Noi to Saigon : August 14 -24 (10 days)
    Aug. 14
    Departure from Hanoi at 7 am sharp: drive to Ninh Binh region, to explore (in small rowing boats) the Tam Coc caves, a remarkable region geologically not unlike Halong Bay, but with rice paddies in place of the sea, from which emerge limestone rocks and hills eroded into strange shapes (see Tour 4 for a couple of pictures). The region is sometimes referred to as the "Inalnd Ha Long Bay". Lunch, followed by a visit to the Phat Diem Cathedral. Drive to Vinh. Overnight stay in Vinh.

    Aug. 15

    Drive to Dong Hoi. Tour of the Phong Nha grotto, included by UNESCO in their list of World Heritage sites. Overnight stay at a beach hotel in Dong Hoi.

    Aug. 16

    Tour of the town of Dong Hoi. Drive to Hue, the old Imperial Capital. Registration at a hotel in Hue.

    Aug. 17

    Tour of the Pagoda of the Celestial Lady, followed by a boat trip along the Perfumed River. Guided tour of several Imperial sites, including Minh Mang and Tu Duc. Visit to the Children's Centre and the French bakery school at Thuy xuân. Hotel in Hue.

    Aug. 18

    Guided tour of the Imperial Palace and the Citadel. Drive to Da Nang. Visit to the Cham Museum. Registration at the beach hotel in Hoi An.

    Aug. 19

    Tour of My Son, a major archeological site of the ancient Champa Empire. Free time at Hoi An, a town famous for its artisans, formerly an active centre of commerce and meeting point of several civilisations. Hotel in Hoi An.

    Aug. 20

    Flight from Da Nang to Nha Trang. Guided tour of the town. Overnight stay in Nha Trang.

    Aug. 21

    Drive to Dalat. Visit of the Cham Towers at Poklong Garai, near to Phan Rang. Tour of the area around Dalat, formerly a health resort. Dalat features a remarkable and very active market, selling produce from the local agricultural communities (vegetables, flowers etc) but also from around the world. Visit of the SOS Children's Village of Dalat. Hotel in Dalat.

    Aug. 22

    Visit of Dalat's botanical garden, in which thrive many rare and exotic plants. Drive from Dalat to Saigon. Registration at a hotel in Saigon.

    Aug. 23

    Panoramic tour of Saigon, then of the old Cho lon district and its market. Visit of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, followed by a visit to the Central Post Office (unlike any post office you are likely to have seen!). Hotel in Saigon.

    Aug. 24

    Morning: breakfast and end of tour

    Inside the Phong Nha grotto Phat Diem stone cathedral Entrance to the Citadel at Hue A relic of the Cham civilization
    A fishing village on a lake Getting a haircut in Dalat The central market in Dalat One of Saigon's canals

    Tour 3 : Ha long Bay and Sapa : August 12 -18 (6 days)
    Aug. 12
    13: 30 Departure for Halong
    16:30 Check in Halong Hotel
    18:30 Dinner at hotel
    Aug. 13

    8: 00 Breakfast
    8: 30 Boat trip on Halong Bay
    12: 30 Lunch on boat
    14: 30 End of boat tour
    15: 00 Bus parture for Hanoi
    19:00 Arrival in Hanoi. Dinner. Transfer to the railroad station
    21:30 Night train to Lao Cai (4 berths per carriage).
    Aug. 14

    5:00 Arrival in Lao Cai. Transfer to Sapa
    14: 00 Dragon's Jaw Mountain, orchids, villages of ethnic minorities in the Sapa region; Cat Cat village of the H'mong people.
    Aug. 15
    Departure from Sapa early in the morning to visit the Coc Ly market, an important meeting place for local tribespeople to sell and buy goods of all kinds. Short trek to the nearby Black Dao village, to get a feeling for the life of one of the minority tribes. Continue with a boat trip along the Chay River and visit the Flower H'Mong, Trung Do village and the town of Bao Nhai.
    Aug. 16

    Visit Giang Ta Chai Village, appreciate the daily life of the Red Dzao people, via a trek along the paths that meander through the terraces and bamboo forests. Visit a waterfall and a ratan suspension bridge. Cross the river to visit a H'Mong village. On the return trip to Sapa, visit an ancient stone circle.
    Aug. 17 Exploration of the mountainous region around Sapa, with its ethnic minorities, archeological curiosities and natural beauty.
    Transfer to the Lao Cai train station (for night train to Hanoi).
    Aug. 18

    Arrival in Hanoi at 5 am; breakfast and end of tour.

    A street vendor in Lao Cai Children from an ethnic minority in the Sapa area The traditional dress of an ethnic minority in the Sapa area A view of rice paddies in the Sapa area
      Market day in a village in the Sapa area    

    Tour 4 :Hanoi - Hoa Lu Tam Coc - Hanoi ("Inland Ha Long Bay" day trip) ; Sunday, August 6, 2006

    Departure of the tour at 8:00 from the Hotel.
    Visit to Dinh King and Le King Temples. Lunch at a local restaurant. Sampan ride along the river to visit the Tam Coc caves (sometimes referred to as the "Inland Ha Long Bay", a remarkable region geologically not unlike Halong Bay, but with rice paddies in place of the sea, from which emerge limestone rocks and hills eroded into strange shapes.
    Return to Ha Noi at 18:00. End of the tour.
    If interested, please inform the secretariat directly; this tour is not on the tour registration form.

    Views of the Ninh Binh region ("Inland Ha Long Bay")


XIII. Useful links

Here are a few suggestions for one and two day trips around Hanoi.  Hoa Lu and Perfume Pagoda take one day. 

A trip to Ha Long Bay can also be squeezed in one day, but is more relawed in two or more (Cat Ba Island visit in Ha Long Bay) days.

local trips around  Hanoi.

Tam Coc, Perfume Pagoda, near Hanoi

Ha Long Bay

more pictures