vietnamm 2006

VietNam 2006 

6th Rencontres du Vietnam  
August 6-12, 2006

Nanophysics: from fundamentals to applications


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Information Bulletin 

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The scientific program will consist mainly of reviews and invited talks. Parallel sessions will be set up as the need arises; the relevant details may be found on each conference's site. Very schematically, the two conferences will be articulated around a number of key themes (details may be found on other pages on this site):

PS1 :  Quantum Information 

PS2 :  Quantum detection and noise 

PS3 :  Quantum dots and wires 

PS4 :  Spintronics and hybrid structures 

PS5 :  Molecular electronics 

PS6 :  NEMS and nano devices 

PS7 :  Quantum Hall effect    

PS8 :  Nanophysics in Asia 

Conference program download  :  (pdf format)

presentations of plenary sessions (pdf format)
Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Opening session Q-detection and noise Parallel sessions Spintronics and hybrids Nanophysics in Asia QHE and graphene
Itoh (Japan)
parallel sessions Wu (Taiwan) de Heer
Heiblum parallel sessions Urbina Lee (Korea) Guinea
di Carlo parallel sessions Lindelhof Phuc (Vietnam) Novoselov
--- --- --- --- Molecular Electronics ---
von Klitzling Ensslin parallel sessions Nitta van Ruitenbeek Trauzettel
Cronin Fujisawa parallel sessions Haug von Oppen Heersche
Ellis Meir parallel sessions Aprili Levy-Yeyati concluding session

Hettler parallel sessions Schmidt Nitzan
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Q-information Q-wires 
Takayanagi Glazman parallel sessions city tour Cleland
Vandersypen Egger parallel sessions city tour Shekhter
Estève Strunk parallel sessions city tour Blanter
--- Q-dots --- --- Nanodevices
Hakonen Kobayashi parallel sessions city tour Buks
Ono Rosch parallel sessions city tour Bois
Tsai Kravtsov parallel sessions city tour Poiroux

presentations of parallel sessions (pdf format)
Q-information Q-dots
Spintronics  Molecular Electronics Nano devices
Makhlin Leturcq Holleitner Romeike Ecoffey
Semba Tagliacozzo Tatara Cuevas Beltram
de Pasquale Ishibashi König
Ilani Esashi
Lévy Plaçais Sanchez
Ai Viet
--- --- --- --- ---
Brenner Hieu Han Jonckheere Nam
Nakano Itoh Tuong
Schofield Sanquer
Chen Moriyama Phuc
Imura Oda
Thang Faini
Keane Pistolesi
Fergusson Thuat Egues Johansson
--- --- --- --- ---
Q-detection and noise Q-wires  Hybrids QHE and graphene NEMS
Pierre Ketteman Lee Orgad Kim
Gavish Texier Takahashi Schopfer Ahn
Park Saminadayar Tanaka Braggio Minh
Beckmann Crépieux Wan
--- --- --- --- Tuoc
Jacquod Hamilton Lechner Thanh Meschke
Kim Wegrowe
Kawabata Le Dinh Lin
Sim Quang Lopez Tuan Giang
Das Cong Yokoshi Dam Thang
N. Dinh Anh Quoc